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Displays and Televisions

Is it a TV or display that you need?  They both basically do the same thing, but who, how, where, when and why you’re using the equipment will factor into which type of device to use.  Nova Visual Products can assist you make the right choice by taking the time to explain the difference, and offer options for you to review.

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Data Projectors

While we can source just about any data projector you want, the only one we actively promote is Hitachi, for the following reasons:

SELECTION:  Hitachi is one of the few companies that still manufactures their own data projectors.   They have over twenty models to choose from including wireless, portable and theatre-venue units.

PRICING:  Pricing and reliability make the Hitachi projectors a wise investment.  Some units cost less than buying a replacement lamp for those old projectors you may be using now.

LOCAL WARRANTY REPAIR SERVICES:  Nova Visual Products is authorized to carry-out warranty service.  This saves our clients time, money and frustration not having to send your projector out-of-town, for repairs.  And Nova Visual Products will loan you a projector if-when required at no additional charge for the entire warranty period, should your projector ever need servicing.

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Interactive Whiteboard and Copyboard Devices

Do you really want an interactive board or is it a copyboard that you need?  That’s one of the first questions we’ll ask when a client calls looking for these types of devices.  There is a difference, and at Nova Visual Products we’ll take the time to advise, so you can choose the best solution for your requirements.

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Projection Screens and Whiteboards

While we can source just about any projection screen you want, the only one we actively promote is Draper Shade and Screen. In business since 1902 Draper is a leader in screen technologies and offers a wide range of choices for all requirements. Having the Canadian Distributor located right here in Ottawa is an added bonus and allows us to respond with quicker delivery for our clients.

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Mounts and Carts

When you need to install a projector TV, or display to the wall or ceiling.  Or when you need to a mobile cart to transport equipment from room to room Nova Visual Products can assist.

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Video Conferencing

Tandberg, Polycom or less expensive VC-collaboration systems are available from Nova Visual Products.  The VC landscape changes regularly.  We can provide tried & tested solutions, or help you choose a less expensive VC-collaboration system that suits your VC needs…not the other way around!

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Audio Conferencing

We promote Clearone for all audio conferencing projects. Their wide range of products offer solutions from a simple conference-phones, voice over IP devices, right up to multi-mic echo cancelling telco-systems for more complex requirements. We also carry other lines such as Polycom and Shure.

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While we can supply virtually any microphone you want, we promote the following product lines. Choice of which microphone to use, is based on your requirements. Nova Visual Products can explain the differences, and assist with choosing the one that best fits your requirements.

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Speakers & PA Systems 

While we can supply virtually any speaker you want we promote the following product lines.  Nova Visual Products can explain the differences, and assist with choosing the one that best fits your requirements.

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Simultaneous Interpretation

While we can supply virtually any Simultaneous Interpretations Systems you want, we promote the following product lines. Nova Visual Products can explain the differences and assist with choosing the system that best fits your requirements.

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Signal Management

When a signal needs to get from point A to point B we promote Kramer Electronics. These products work and work and work, and are designed into 95% of all projects we complete each year. In rare occurrences, if another device is needed we’ll source from one of our other suppliers listed below.

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Systems Control

From award winning industry leaders to cost-effective system controls, Nova Visual Products can design, supply, and custom program these devices to your specifications.

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Digital Signage-Streaming

Commercial display companies that we represent, (i.e.: LG and Samsung) offer their own digital signage-streaming software. Sometimes however clients need more functionality than what this software can deliver. When this is warranted we promote these lines.

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Racks, Furniture, and Cable Management

Equipment racks, AV furniture, and money saving cable management devices can be sourced from Nova Visual Products too. Our main line is Middle Atlantic, with racks, Exact Furniture, and the Legrand Wire Mold products. VFI rounds out our lineup of these types of items, offering a wide-range of podiums, furniture, and lecterns to choose from.

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