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Here you will find new product information, industry updates, comments and suggestions on all things AV, presentation, audio-video conferencing wise as well as general life-lessons learned and comments that affect our daily lives and business.


June 2020

The ability to pay our bills, keep a roof over our heads, clothes on our back and food on the table.  Those were the goals we set when we opened Nova Visual Products twenty-five years ago and have to say so far–so good.

It was 1995 when the late Dino di Marino, (co-founder of United Video) and I started Nova Visual Products.  That partnership was dissolved a couple of years later, which led to us taking on Ian Smith as a minority-share owner in the company in 1998. That partnership lasted until 2007.

Over that nineteen-year period Nova Visual Products attracted and retained several key personnel who have played vital roles in the success that NVP has enjoyed over the past 25 years.  

People like Guy Parent, who joined in 2001 and has become one of the most competent designer-programmers-installers in the commercial AV industry today. 

Christine Charron, since 2002 has been taking care of client’s service requests, inquires for supplies and anything else needed to deliver customer service & support that is simply unparalleled by any other AV reseller in Ottawa.

And Dave Rothwell, hired for his repair experience in 2002, Dave has saved our clients time, money, and frustration in terms of quick repairs to all makes and models of equipment.

Joshua St. Louis, now in his 12th year, joined in 2009 and has established himself as the next generation of commercial AV professionals in the industry.  His understanding of today’s technology brings confidence to our clients that is hard to match.  He truly is a son-of-a-salesman.

Mike Mitchener, our newest employee, joined the install team in January 2019.  He brings to NVP construction skills with a focus on carpentry – a benefit for “custom” fabrication when called for.  Mike’s willingness to learn and personality makes him a perfect fit here at Nova Visual Products.

And Kim St Louis, who for the past 34 years has been my partner in life-love-and all things business has taken care of the administrative side of the business and a key reason we are still at it today.

Another way we achieved success, is by limiting the number of product lines we represent at any one time and being able to give up a line when the level of service-support does not meet Nova Visual Products standards.  This has allowed us to forge strong business relations with our reliable suppliers and become astute with the products we sell, so that we can speak with confidence when asked for assistance.

Great management, a good team, a great line up of products however doesn’t mean a thing without clients.  Our success for the past quarter-century is because of our clients who rely on Nova Visual Products.  It is clients who choose Nova Visual Products as their preferred AV partner that we thank the most.  Without them, there would be no Nova Visual Products. 

The audio-visual landscape has changed since we first opened our doors in 1995 and does not even resemble what the industry looked like when I first got into the business thirty-seven years ago.  The traditional AV tech has been replaced with an IT specialist.  Repairing defective gear has mostly been replaced with a “throw it away” mentality.   And competition has increased too.  Back in 1983 we didn’t have to contend with other industries, (ie: telephone companies), large US firms opening in Canada, or big box stores.   

Back then most commercial AV companies were small scale, family run businesses focused on customer service and support, responding to requests in a timely manner.  That’s still our business model today.  Can’t think of any reason to change now.  Thanks for all your past support.

We’re here to assist on any project in need of our AV EXPERTISE!


June 2019


Josh St Louis hits the 10 Year Mark

at Nova Visual Products



I thought I was young, when I got in the AV biz thirty-seven years ago at the tender age of, twenty-one.  But with our son Josh turning thirty earlier this year and 10 years with us here at Nova Visual Products, I guess he holds the family record now. 

Hard to believe it’s been a decade since Josh first joined us in a fulltime capacity as a sales representative.  Since then he has matured into a consummate professional, and asset to Nova Visual Products.

Congratulations on ten years Josh.  We are proud of all that you have accomplished and can’t wait to see what the next ten years have in store.


Mom & Dad



Mike Mitchener   –  April 2019


When one of our installers decided to leave last April to pursue his theatrical dreams, it forced us for the first time in ten years to look for a new employee.  What I learned is – they are hard to come by.  I also learned a lot of people want to be designers, programmers, project managers, anything but installers.  The other thing I also learned was, the only company that seems to be making money from the lack of talent in the AV industry these days are the job posting sites…particularly INDEED. 

Never being a company to follow, we were reluctant to jump-on board and be yet another AV company looking for talent on an already overcrowded job site.  We decided instead that old fashion word of mouth – soliciting without paying to be listed with all the rest – using free-lance installers and offering trial periods to others was the way to go, until we found the right person.

After all, customer service and support has been paramount to our success here at Nova Visual Products for the past twenty-four years we’ve been in business.  Clients who engage with us on a consistent basis do so because of it.  The level of support everyone here at NVP offers clients is simply because it is our natural-instinct in wanting to help\treat clients the way we would want to be treated, if we were the customer.

We wanted to ensure whoever our next installer was going to be, not only to be a good fit with us, but with our clients too.  That’s why it has taken until now to find the right person to join the NVP team, but the wait has been worth it.  And how did we find our new installer?  Word of mouth.  It was our very own Dave Rothwell who made, the suggestion and we’re glad we listened. 

Our new installer is Mike Mitchener.  Thirty-six years old, married, skilled in construction trades, technically-knowledgeable in nautical marine equipment sales, Mike was looking for a new challenge too.  So, while Kim and I were away for a week this past January, Mike joined our other techs on a few of installations and the feedback was positive.   How positive? 

Guy Parent, our manager of technical services was pleased.  So that was a good sign.  Anyone who knows Guy can attest to his high standards and technical acumen.  If he was suitably impressed, with Mike’s installation abilities, we felt we were on the right track.  But we wanted to make sure.  So, for the next few weeks Mike continued to assist on installs. 

Then on February 22, we offered Mike the fulltime position of installer here at Nova Visual Products.  Mike’s addition to our technical department restores us to the level of customer support we are known for.  And his carpentry skills, adds another layer of competence, when custom fabricating solutions for our clients.  Eager to learn, confident and capable in his abilities we look forward to having Mike engage with our clients.  We welcome Mike to Team Nova and look forward to watching him grow in this crazy industry of ours. 

Here’s Mike’s contact info.  m.mitchener@novavisual.ca  cell:  613 218 6874. 

Nova Visual Products will always entertain the idea of adding other talented professionals to our lineup.  Whoever that next person might be, whether it’s another installer, a salesperson, an IT expert, an administrative type, that person will come to us word of mouth.  After all you just can’t get the same thing from a website, no matter how many jobs you post. That’s what this whole job-search has taught me indeed.